rules to play ultimate frisbee

Coin toss

Rules to play Ultimate Frisbee

Coin toss

After dividing into two even teams and going over the basic rules, pick which team will start with possession. This can be done by tossing a coin, flipping the Frisbee, or using some other method of your choice, then launching the disc to start play.The opposing team will stand at their end zone and pull the disc to the other team, essentially tossing it in the air for someone to grab, much as a ball is kicked off in American football. This will also happen after each point is scored.The puller should make sure everyone is ready, then toss the Frisbee high toward the opponents group of players. All the pullers teammates should immediately run toward the opposition to start playing defense.

Start of Play
Move to open space
Never contact opposing players
Mark up player to player on defense
Learn how play is advanced
Change of Possession
Unplayable lie
Throwing order
Safety first
Non contact
Dont rush it
Initiate play
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