rules to play sumo wrestling

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Yakuza like sumo

Rules to play Sumo Wrestling

Yakuza like sumo

The Yakuza like to keep a low profile and rarely show up on television. An exception was made in 2010 when the Yamaguchi gumi the largest yakuza group purchased a block of 50 prominent seats at a nationally televised Sumo match. Needless to say, they stuck out in the crowd. Rumor has it they did it to cheer up their incarcerated boss who was watching the match from jail.The Sumo Association has experienced numerous Sumo match fixing and gambling incidents in recent years tied to the Japanese underworld.

Gaijin can sumo
Fans express their disappointment by throwing cushions
Amateur sumo
Ringside seats
Box seats
Kappa can sumo wrestle
Hiring an attendant
Sumo originated at Shinto shrines
Theres a tradition of female sumo in Japan
Sumo events
Balcony seats
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