rules to play sumo wrestling

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Theres a tradition of female sumo in Japan

Rules to play Sumo Wrestling

Theres a tradition of female sumo in Japan

The Sumo Association doesnt allow women to enter a sumo ring its considered a violation of the purity of the ring. For example, the Governor of Osaka normally enters the ring to award the Governors Prize at the annual Osaka Sumo Tournament. However, when Osaka elected a female governor Fusae Ohta she wasnt allowed to enter.Historically, there was a tradition of female sumo at some Shinto shrines. This is downplayed by professional sumo.

Yakuza like sumo
Sumo wrestlers dance
Sumo wrestlers used to be skinny
Ringside seats
Hiring an attendant
Box seats
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Professional sumo
Sumo originated at Shinto shrines
Visiting a sumo stable
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