rules to play sumo wrestling

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Sumo originated at Shinto shrines

Rules to play Sumo Wrestling

Sumo originated at Shinto shrines

Sumo originated in Shinto religious rituals whereby a human would wrestle with a kami a Shinto divine spirit. There are still sumo rings on the grounds of many shrines in Japan. Shinto ritual guides every aspect of sumo. Shinto referees gyoji essentially act as priests in the ring. For example they perform purification rituals to rid the ring of evil spirits before a match. The wrestlers themselves throw salt into the ring before each match to purity it.

Visiting a sumo stable
The wrestling ring
Amateur sumo
Sumo wrestlers must live a traditional lifestyle
Balcony seats
Match and Dressing the Wrestlers
Sumo originated at Shinto shrines
Yakuza like sumo
Fans express their disappointment by throwing cushions
Theres a tradition of female sumo in Japan
No one under 50 is interested in sumo
Sumo events
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