rules to play sumo wrestling

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Rules to play Sumo Wrestling

11. Kappa can sumo wrestle
Kappa are terrible mythical Japanese river monsters. Kappa often challenge humans to sumo wrestle. Since theyre small they usually challenge children.
12. Ringside seats
Located closest to the ring, ringside seats are most expensive and most difficult to get. Ticket holders sit on cushions on the floor and are exposed to the risk of injury due to wrestlers flying into the spectators.
13. Box seats
The rest of the stadiums first floor consists of Japanese style box seats, which generally seat four people although there are a few with higher and lower capacities, as well. Shoes are removed, and spectators sit on cushions. Tickets are sold for entire boxes regardless of whether they are fully occupied or not, i.e. two people using a 4 seat box will still have to purchase all four tickets. Box seats are further classified into A, B and C boxes according to distance to the ring.
14. Balcony seats
On the second floor balcony, there are several rows of Western style seats. Balcony seats, too, are further classified into A, B and C seats depending on distance to the ring. Furthermore, there is one section for exclusive use by holders of same day tickets, the cheapest ticket type that can only be purchased on the day at the stadium.
15. Sumo events
For those visiting Japan between sumo tournaments, there are a few other ways to see sumo matches. They include exhibition tournaments that are held across the country in between official tournaments and occasional retirement ceremonies of prominent wrestlers. Retirement ceremonies usually include an exhibition contest, some light hearted performances by wrestlers and a time consuming hair cutting ritual to sever the top knot that is symbolic to an active wrestler. See the official website for a calendar.Outside the professional sumo world, there are some universities and high schools that maintain sumo clubs, some of which may be able to accommodate visits by tourists. Furthermore, there are occasional sumo pereformances or contests at some shrines and festivals.
16. Visiting a sumo stable
Perhaps the best way to appreciate sumo besides attending a tournament is to visit a sumo stable to witness a morning practice session. Sumo stables are where the wrestlers live and train together and where all aspects of life, from sleeping and eating to training and free time, are strictly regimented by the stable master. There are about forty stables, all of which are located in the Greater Tokyo Region, especially in Tokyos Ryogoku district.

However, sumo stables are neither public places nor sightseeing spots. Only a small number of stables accept visits by tourists, and they insist that tourists are accompanied by a person who is fluent in Japanese and closely familiar with the customs of the sumo world. Furthermore, visitors are expected to follow the house rules strictly and not disturb the training session. Expect to sit silently on the floor for two to three hours.

In practice, it is virtually impossible for foreign tourist to visit a stable on their own. Instead, the recommended way to witness a morning practice is to join a guided tour. Various organizations and companies offer such tours and typically charge around 10,000 yen for a single person and around 4000 yen for additional group members.

17. Hiring an attendant
Attendant delivers and sets up Sumos for play, then stays to attend the game as a referee the contestants and announce the rules of the game to each. Attendant monitors safety. Unruly participants will not be allowed to play. After attendants time is complete, will pack up the sumos to leave. Attendant does NOT lift up participants from ground.
18. Winner of Sumo Wrestling Games
To win a Sumo Wrestling match you must force your opponent out of the ring or off their feet.If any part of the body other than the feet touches the mat, a winner is declared.If either opponent steps out of the ring at any time, a winner is declared.
19. Rates
The Sumo Wrestling Game is $50 an hour or $150 for the entire day 24 hour period. You can pick up yourself, we are located in Pleasant Grove or you can choose to have us deliver and/or set up and pick up. A Delivery fee may apply.
20. Match and Dressing the Wrestlers
We recommend that you have the wrestlers dress in a separate room from your audience. This creates more excitement when they come out, and it gives you a chance to explain the rules. To dress the wrestlers, you will need at least one person to help each wrestler get into the suit.Once the wrestlers are dressed, we recommend letting them do a few chest bumps while they are in the dressing room, just so they get used to the feel of it. This makes for a better match.

Have each wrestler decide on a name for themselves.

Explain the match to them. Here is what they do

Gyoji referee introduced them by holding the fan over each head not provided and saying the name of the wrestler.

Wrestlers move to opposite sides of the ring and show their strength to each other by grunting, growling, clapping, and stomping.

Gyoji starts the match by dropping the fan and yelling SUMO.

A winner is declared when one wrestler knocks his opponent out of the ring or off their feet.

If time allows you may want to run a best of 3 matches.

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