rules to play sumo wrestling

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Match and Dressing the Wrestlers

Rules to play Sumo Wrestling

Match and Dressing the Wrestlers

We recommend that you have the wrestlers dress in a separate room from your audience. This creates more excitement when they come out, and it gives you a chance to explain the rules. To dress the wrestlers, you will need at least one person to help each wrestler get into the suit.Once the wrestlers are dressed, we recommend letting them do a few chest bumps while they are in the dressing room, just so they get used to the feel of it. This makes for a better match.

Have each wrestler decide on a name for themselves.

Explain the match to them. Here is what they do

Gyoji referee introduced them by holding the fan over each head not provided and saying the name of the wrestler.

Wrestlers move to opposite sides of the ring and show their strength to each other by grunting, growling, clapping, and stomping.

Gyoji starts the match by dropping the fan and yelling SUMO.

A winner is declared when one wrestler knocks his opponent out of the ring or off their feet.

If time allows you may want to run a best of 3 matches.

Ringside seats
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Match and Dressing the Wrestlers
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