rules to play snow sledding

Avoid Danger Zones

Rules to play Snow Sledding

Avoid Danger Zones
Every year, we hear reports of a child attempting to re create the famous A Christmas Story scene where Ralphies friend Flick licks a frozen flagpole. Assure your daredevil that any such attempts will be met with similarly painful results. The minute you put wet skin even your finger on a frozen object, you can do some pretty significant damage, ripping off skin, notes Dr. Benjamin.

Allow ice skating on approved surfaces only (call your local police department for a list). You should also counsel kids to stay out of snow banks and advise against building tunnels and forts. The former may be the target of city snowplows that will have no clue a child is burrowing inside; the latter can collapse with catastrophic consequences. In 2008, an 8 year old New Brunswick, Canada, boy suffocated to death when a snow tunnel he had built caved in on him. To head off danger, enforce a strict buddy system at all times.

Choose the Right Hill
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Protect Their Skin
Baby Its Cold Outside
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Avoid Danger Zones
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