rules to play shuffleboard

Score of disks

Rules to play Shuffleboard

Score of disks

The triangular scoring area in outdoor shuffleboard is divided into 6 sections; a disk must be entirely inside one of these sections to score points. A disk in the apex of the triangle scores 10 points, a disk in either of the 2 areas behind the apex scores 8 points, and a disk in either of the 2 areas behind the 8 point areas scores 7 points. A disk that lands in the 10 off section deducts 10 points from the score of the player or team who owns the disk.Unlike table shuffleboard, outdoor shuffleboard assesses penalties for rules infractions. A disk that touches the 10 off area line before being played costs a player 5 points; if it touches one of the triangles sides, the penalty is instead 10 points. Ten point penalties are also assessed for the players body crossing the baseline while playing or shooting an opponents disk. Illegally played disks are removed from the court, and any of the opponents disks displaced by an illegally played disks are given back to the opponent to replay.

Disks are cast
Score the disks
Score of disks
players or teams
Target Shuffleboard Rules
How to Play Handicap Scoring
Prepare the playing surface
Four weighted metal disks
Assemble the players at the shuffleboard court
Retrieve the disks and start again
How To Play With 4 Players
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