rules to play power walking

Rules to play Power Walking

1. Description
Power walking has been recommended (for example, by Kenneth H. Cooper) as an alternative to jogging for a low to moderate exercise regime, for instance 60 80% of maximum heart rate (HRmax). At the upper range walking and jogging are almost equally efficient, and the walking gait gives significantly less impact to the joints. When used in this way, an exaggerated arm swing is often used.Power walking speed walking is often confused with racewalking, which has rules to define what counts as walking fast and is also an Olympic level event.
2. Clothing management
The participants need to put their clothes and other belongings in the kit plastic bag they have collected along with their bib number from the Registration Centre at the Tae Kwon Do Indoor Hall (Faliro).

ATTENTION All kit bags need to have the runners bib number on them. All bags should be well closed. Please make sure that the kit bags do not contain any travel documents, jewelry, money or medicines. The Athens Marathon Organising Committee bears no responsibility in case of loss or damage of any valuable items in the bags.

ATTENTION No other bags, backpacks, etc than the kit bags provided to the runners by the Organising Committee will be accepted.

Runners must give the kit plastic bag with their personal belongings and clothes to the volunteers at the DHL vehicles located 100 150m from the start venue (traffic lights), no later than 30 minutes before the start of the race (8 30am the latest). Volunteers will be there to assist the runners, while there will be signage indicating the area that corresponds to their own bib number.

ATTENTION Allighting from the busses to take them to the start area, all runners will have to leave the plastic kit bag with their personal clothing at the trucks bearing their specific bib number and put on the specific warming cover they will be distributed to them. Those to keep their clothes with them, will leave them aside to be picked up for the clothing collection program for charity purposes, launched this year.

After the race, runners may collect their personal belongings from a specified area on Vas. Olgas Avenue, 200 metres on the right after the exit from the Propylaea of Panathinaikon Stadium, assisted by volunteers (see Panathinaikon Stadium layout). Runners must present their bib number in order to collect their kit bags.

3. Starting blocks
All runners need to take their places in their starting block, according to the colour of their bib number, at least 15 minutes before the start of the race. There will be eight different starting blocks.Please note that runners are placed in the starting blocks according to the best personal time they have achieved during the years 2012 2014, as stated on their application form. Runners who do not state their best personal time on their application form will be placed in the last two blocks.If the weather is cold, it is recommended that runners use the specific warming cover (plastic coat) to be given to them along with their kit bag at the Registration Centre upon collection of bib numbers, so that they keep themselves warm while they wait their block to start.
4. Warm up
Runners may warm up in the Marathon Stadium as well as on the streets of Marathonas (not in front of the start line).
5. Race start
6. Kilometre signs
There are kilometre (km) indexes at every kilometre of the course.
7. Toilets
WC facilities are available at the start and the finish area, as well as at all feed zones stations along the course.
8. Medical services
The Organising Committee is responsible for providing medical service to the runners by organising and operating medical stations and units at the Start, Finish and throughout the course of the race. The National Center of Immediate Help (EKAB) will be providing medical aid services to the runners. An ambulance will be following the last group of runners throughout the course.
9. Personal drinks
You are kindly reminded that there will be no
10. Slow runners
An 8 hours time limit has been set for the Marathon Race and Power Walking participants to reach the finish line. Therefore, runners who exceed this time limit will have to continue running on the pavement in order to ensure the safety of other participants. When the time limit (see below) expires, vehicle circulation will be partly allowed on the streets. All runners must follow these instructions.

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