rules to play hiking

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Rules to play Hiking

1. Before you go Hiking
Know your own Physical, Mental and Technical Abilities and your Restrictions. Adjust your plans accordingly. In this way, you can prevent problems that might cause personal injuries or injuries to others.Make sure you are wellinformed about the trails you will take, the Hiking Terrain Conditions as well as Hiking Weather Conditions. Have a detailed and up to date Hiking Map with you. Check with local authorities for last minute updates and firsthand information.
Make sure to be wellequipped for your intended hike and Terrain Weather conditions. Take enough food and drinks for your intended hike. You may also bring more if you want.Inform people of your itinerary and your expected time of return. If possible, call those who are not joining you at regular intervals so they know where you are.Avoid hiking alone. Hike in a Group consisting of at least two fellow hikers. In case of an accident, one person will then be able to stay with the injured while the other goes for help.
2. While Hiking
Be environmentally aware. Natural environments that facilitate great Hiking experiences are being threatened enough as it is so do not add to this. Do not damage any flora and fauna that you may encounter.Do not litter. Take all your waste with you and if you should stumble on somebody elses waste, be the better person and take it with you. Organic material, though decomposable, should be buried or taken with you to avoid animal feeding on it. All you should leave are your footsteps.Urinate at a fair distance from the trail and possible water sources. For bigger
3. Play it smart
Taking on a threeday hike when you havent exercised in years its certainly not the best choice. The same is true of going on a solo hike if you dont have the experience and preparation for it. Even when going on a hike with somebody else, always let people know your destination and when to expect you back. If something happens and you dont turn up, a search party will know where to look for you.
4. Know exactly where you are going
Its okay to improvise as you hike, but make sure you have a map or guidebook to help you find your way back. A compass is also a good tool to bring along. Pay attention to natural landmarks around you as you walk past them, so you can recognize them if you need help finding your way. A day before the actual hike, watch the weather report. If heavy showers or other inclement weather is in the forecast, you may need to reschedule your hiking trip.
5. Bring plenty of water along
If youre hiking for longer than a day, buying a purification system may make more sense so you dont have to carry extra weight in your backpack. Never drink untreated water.
6. Dress appropriately
This may not sound like a safety rule, but it will actually keep you safe and healthy if you do it right. Make sure you have rain gear and are dressed in layers, so you can adjust to the surrounding temperatures as they change. Wearing the right hiking shoes will keep your feet from developing blisters and getting injured. Low shoes, for example, can increase your chances for a twisted ankle or lower leg injury.
7. Dont overexert yourself
If you need a break, take it. If the hike becomes more than you can handle, turn back. If you feel sick, exhausted, or suspect an injury, take measures to address the issue and return to base if you have to.
8. Leave local plants and animals alone
Dont eat berries or leaves you find, even if they look familiar. Making loud noises or wandering away from the marked trails can put you into direct contact with snakes and other dangerous animals, so avoid it when possible. Dont approach or attempt to feed wild animals.
9. Bring a firstaid kit along
Learn how to treat basic injuries and how to prevent dehydration and heat stroke or hypothermia.
10. Leave everything as you found it
For example, disturbing rocks could cause a rockslide while leaving trash behind may entice wild animals to approach the trail, increasing the dangers for those coming behind you.

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