rules to play darts

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Rules to play Darts


The board is split up into twenty separate sections that are each allocated to a particular number. Hitting one of the larger portions of these sections traditionally coloured black and yellow, scores precisely the points value for that section. Hitting the thin outer portions of these sections coloured red and green scores double the points value for that section. Hitting the thin inner portions or these sections roughly halfway between the outer wire and the centre of the board scores triple the points value of that section. The centre of the board or Bulls Eye is split into two sections, a green outer ring known as the Outer Bull hitting this section scores 25 points, and the red inner circle, which is usually known as the Bull or Inner Bull and is worth 50 points.

Anatomy of the board
Basic rules
Throwing the dart
The measurements
Classified league
Points per dart
Scoring on the electronic dart machine
Know that every dart board is the same
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