rules to play darts

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Basic rules

Rules to play Darts

Basic rules

In a game of 501 the object is for one player or a team to be the first to reach zero from starting total of 501. In simple terms, after three darts are thrown, the throwing player subtracts the total scored from his current total until he reaches zero. In order to reach zero each player must finish by throwing a double i.e. if player one has 36 remaining he must hit double 18 to win, while if player two has 45 remaining he must hit single 5, double 20 to win or a another combination of scores provided the final dart scores on a double. Some versions of the game require a double start whereby players must begin the game with a double as well as checking out on a double. The World Grand Prix uses the double in, double out rule. Games can be played to a Best of format whereby a player or team winning three legs in a Best of Five Leg competition wins the match. The World Matchplay and UK Open events are examples of tournament played on a Best of format with legs as the scoring format. Games on the PDC ProTour are held over the Best of 11 Legs. Other tournaments will be played in Set format, whereby players must win a set by winning the Best of Five legs, before claiming the match in the Best of Five Sets. The PDC World Championship and World Grand Prix are played using the Set format, with differing lengths of games at each tournament.

Anatomy of the board
Get the right fingering on a dart
Passed darts
Marks per round
Player take turns throwing three darts each
Know that every dart board is the same
The measurements
Points per dart
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