rules to play darts

Rules to play Darts

21. Turn
A player is entitled to a maximum of 3 darts per turn. A player may opt to throw 0, 1, 2 or 3 darts.
22. Unclosed
When a team has 2 or less Marks on a number or Bulls Eye.
23. Ppd
Points Per Dart is used for all 01 games, 301, 501, etc.. To obtain a PPD, divide the total points by the number of actual darts thrown. Example Player #1 wins the game with his 12th dart. He has achieved a total of 301 points. His PPD is 25.08 301 / 12 = 25.08. The winner of the game will use the total points of the game, 301, 501, etc. all other players will use the actual points scored as reported by the machine.
24. Mpr
Marks Per Round is used for all Cricket games. To obtain a MPR, divide the total number of marks scored by the actual number of darts thrown then multiply by three. Example Player #1 wins the game with their 46th dart. They have achieved a total of 59 marks. Their MPR is 3.85 59 / 46 x 3 = 3.85. Handicap rounds do not count for the players without darts in that round. When two 2 players are partners on the same number, they record their results individually. A player must compete in a minimum of 24 league games in a league season that meet the following criteria to establish a player skill rating.
25. Proper throwing technique
You are allowed to stand at the Foul Line with your foot no farther than the front edge of the line. A suggested stance is; throwing side of your body should be toward the board. If you are right handed, your right foot should be on the line and your left foot approximately 18 inches behind. Lean forward slightly with the right knee slightly bent. Balance yourself with the toes of the left foot. Your throwing arm should be in front of your body and the upper arm at approximately a 45 degree angle down, while the forearm is perpendicular. Find the center balance of the dart and hold it lightly. This should be comfortable; you do not need to use all four fingers. The throwing motion should be from your elbow out, holding the upper arm as motionless as possible. Bring your forearm back slightly and with a fluid motion throw the dart toward the target. Remember to follow through by pointing your index finger at the area from which you threw.
26. Scoring on the electronic dart machine
The score recorded by the machine is the score that the player receives. The players accept that the machine is always right. The only exception will be on the Last Dart Winning Dart that meets the following criteria

A. The Last Dart Winning Dart must stick.

B. The machine was displaying the Throw Darts message and all other rules were followed. Then, no matter if the machine fails to score, or scores incorrectly, the player/team will be credited with the win in that game. Example Players score is 24 at the beginning of their turn. Their first dart hits and sticks in the single 9 but does not register or score. Their second dart scores a single 15, leaving the player on 9. The third dart is then thrown in the single 9, but does not register or score. Since it was the Last Dart Winning Dart, that player/team wins the game.

A dart that sticks in the board but does not activate the electronic scoring may not be manually scored. If there is any question to whether the machine is scoring or working properly, STOP THE GAME. Do not remove darts or activate the Player Change. The team captains must try to solve the problem. If they are unable to do so, they will need to call for service. If the situation cannot be resolved, play will need to be moved to an available board. Scores will be re entered and play will continue. In tournament play, a referee must be called to resolve the problem.

If a dart bounces off the board it is considered a dart thrown even if it does not score. It may not be thrown again. If a dart is thrown before the Throw Darts message lights, the dart will not score and is considered a dart thrown. It may not be thrown again.

27. Throwing area
The area that is directly in front of the assigned dart board, not to exceed either dart board on the left or right of the assigned board, is considered the official throw area. Up until the time a player has thrown a dart, he/she is allowed to leave the throw area. Once a dart has been thrown, a player is not allowed to completely leave the throw area to the rear or the side. Partially stepping on or placing one foot over the back or the side does NOT constitute a foul. The players box located directly behind the foul line has been reserved for the players competing in the match. This area is considered part of the throw area. The only player allowed in the box is the one that is currently shooting. This area is considered part of the throw area. Any player who completely removes himself from the throw area has indicated that their turn is complete. For wheelchair bound participants, the torso can be on but not across the foul line.
28. Know that every dart board is the same
Each board is numbered from 1 20 in non sequential order around the board. You play darts by throwing a small dart onto different parts of the board, counting your points as you go.
29. Get ready for a steady stance
Leaning forwards or backwards is tempting, but offers the thrower less stability than if he/she were to stand upright. For right handed players, keep your right foot in front and your left foot in back. Most of your weight should be resting on your right foot, although you dont want to be leaning forward excessively. For left handed players, keep your left foot in front and your right foot in back. Most of your weight should be resting on your left foot, although you dont want to be leaning forward excessively.
30. Keep both feet firmly planted
You will want to keep your balance throughout the throw. Otherwise, you may pull or push the dart off in an unintended direction.

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