rules to play checkers

Set up the board

Rules to play Checkers

Set up the board
The board is made up of 64 alternating dark and light squares which appear in 8 rows of 8. There are 32 light squares and 32 dark squares. Each player should have the light square on the right side corner closest to him or her. The checker pieces will only move on the dark squares, so each player should set up his pieces on the 12 dark squares in the first three rows closest to him or her, setting up three rows of 4 checkers.Since the board has 8 rows, 6 of the rows will be taken up by the players checkers, leaving two open rows in the middle of the board.

Keep practicing
Sit across from your opponent
Jump your opponents checkers
Touching Pieces
Game Draw Rule
The Board
Win or Draw
Know when to sacrifice your pieces
Time Limits
Focus on the kings
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