rules to play bungee jumping

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Rules to play Bungee Jumping

21. Inspectors
The division may hire or contract with inspectors to inspect bungee jumping sites.
22. Service of process
Any person, firm or corporation operating a commercial bungee jumping site may be served with civil process in the same manner as if the owner or operator was a domestic or foreign corporation.
23. Insurance bond
No person may operate a commercial bungee jumping site unless at the time there is in existence a a policy of insurance approved by the division and obtained from an insurer authorized to do business in this state in an amount of not less than three hundred thousand dollars per person and one million dollars in the aggregate for each commercial bungee jumping site or jump platform location insuring the owner or operator against liability for injury suffered by persons jumping from the jump platform or by persons in, on, under or near the jump platform or commercial bungee jumping site, or b a bond in a like amount, as approved by the division Provided, That the aggregate liability of the surety under any bond shall not exceed the face amount thereof, or c cash or other security acceptable to the division. Satisfactory evidence of insurance, bond or other security shall accompany the permit application.
24. Criminal penalty for violation
Any operator or owner who knowingly permits the operation of a commercial bungee jumping site or event in violation of the provisions of section six of this article is guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than one thousand dollars, imprisoned in the county jail not more than twelve months, or both fined and imprisoned.
25. Dont Look Down
Pause this video at 0030 and observe the direction of my gaze. This was the second biggest mistake I made when bungee jumping in New Zealand. I should have been staring at the horizon, of course, and concentrating solely on diving towards it like Tom Daley would. But I was too fixated upon the void below, and too scared to jump into it as a consequence.

The alternative is to close your eyes and stare at the back of your eyelids, shutting down your most stimulated sense and freeing your mind to concentrate on more important things, like the heart attack thats fast approaching, or the legs wobbly enough to make a trifle.

26. Mind Over Splatter
Although the mask of bravado I wore before my jump disintegrated as soon as I stepped onto the bungee platform, it did ensure that my mind stayed well and truly off the adventure at hand until it could be ignored no longer. Not everyone is this fortunate, however; the nights preceding a bungee jump for many are sleepless and drenched in sweat.

Being able to brag about conquering one of the worlds tallest bungee jumps was the incentive I used to manipulate my thoughts beforehand, staving off dread and focussing instead on what Id be able to tell my friends when I got back from New Zealand. Its the same reason I would gladly do another bungee jump one day, but only if it was even taller than the Nevis Bungy.

27. Take a Chance
You only live once. Whether you translate this into carpe diem or use it to justify mortal caution, however, is up to you. Whiplash and damage to eyesight are the most common injuries that this extreme sport hands out, while cranial trauma is possibly the worst and, by coincidence, one of the most difficult to clean up. But disasters are rare, and the vast majority of those who decide to leap walk away unharmed thanks to the exceedingly tight safety regulations observed around the globe.

Still, you have to decide whether to take the risk. If its something that worries you so much that youre unlikely to enjoy it, either revisit my previous point or dont put yourself through it at all. There will be someone on hand to give you a shove if you falter, but ultimately it is a choice you have to make and stand by yourself.

28. Listen Up
The biggest mistake I made before plunging through the 134 metres of thin air that comprises AJ Hacketts Nevis Bungy in Queenstown was deciding not to listen to the safety instructions. Actually, it was less of a decision, more of an obligation, for the only thing I could hear leading up to my leap was the frenetic throb of blood beating against my eardrums.

Had I been able to hear the lady, Id have found out where to find the pull cord that tips the bungee jumper from an upside down to seated position, and I wouldnt have spent 20 panicked seconds grabbing at other bits of string before eventually deciding it would be safest just to close my eyes and hold on tight until another pair of fingers came to prise mine away.

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