rules to play bungee jumping

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Rules to play Bungee Jumping

11. The Jump And Landing
Jump with force and allow yourself to relax completely. You will descend rapidly and will bounce up and down several times at the end of the jump before being untethered by someone at the bottom of the jump. Do not tense up your body. Relaxation will allow your body to move freely.
12. The word bungee
The word bungee originates from West Country dialect of English language, meaning Anything thick and squat, as defined by James Jennings in his book Observations of Some of the Dialects in The West of England published 1825. Around 1930, the name became used for a rubber eraser. The word bungy, as used by A J Hackett, is Kiwi slang for an Elastic Strap.Cloth covered rubber cords with hooks on the ends have been available for decades under the generic name bungy cords.
13. Earlier tethered jumping
In April 1960 BBC Television broadcast a documentary film The Land Divers of Pentecost, made by David Attenborough, which featured the land divers Sa Naghol of Pentecost Island in Vanuatu, young men who jumped from tall wooden platforms with vines tied to their ankles as a test of their courage and passage into manhood.A similar practice, only with a much slower pace for falling, has been practised as the Danza de los Voladores de Papantla or the Papantla flyers of central Mexico, a tradition dating back to the days of the Aztecs.

A tower 4,000 feet 1,200 m high with a system to drop a car suspended by a cable of best rubber was proposed for the Chicago World Fair, 1892 1893. The car, seating two hundred people, would be shoved from a platform on the tower and then bounce to a stop. The designer engineer suggested that for safety the ground below be covered with eight feet of feather bedding. The proposal was declined by the Fairs organizers.

14. The highest jump
In August 2005, AJ Hackett added a SkyJump to the Macau Tower, making it the worlds highest jump at 233 metres 764 ft.The SkyJump did not qualify as the worlds highest bungee as it is not strictly speaking a bungee jump, but instead what is referred to as a Decelerator Descent jump, using a steel cable and decelerator system, rather than an elastic rope. On 17 December 2006, the Macau Tower started operating a proper bungee jump, which became the Highest Commercial Bungee Jump In The World according to the Guinness Book of Records. The Macau Tower Bungy has a Guide cable system that limits swing the jump is very close to the structure of the tower itself but does not have any effect on the speed of descent, so this still qualifies the jump for the World Record. On 26 May 2002, Jiri Stolin from Jiri Stolin, Xtreme Sports Czech republic jumped from the highest place in the Czech republic, from TV Tower Prague Zizkov in the Czech republic.

Another commercial bungee jump currently in operation is just 13m smaller, at 220 metres 720 ft. This jump, made without guide ropes, is from the top of the Verzasca Dam near Locarno, Switzerland. It appears in the opening scene of the James Bond film GoldenEye. The Bloukrans Bridge Bungy in South Africa and the Verzasca Dam jumps are pure freefall swinging bungee from a single cord.

15. Catapult
In Catapult Reverse Bungee or Bungee Rocket the jumper starts on the ground.The jumper is secured and the cord stretched, then released and shooting the jumper up into the air. This is often achieved using either a crane or a hoist attached to a semi perma structure. This simplifies the action of stretching the cord and later lowering the participant to the ground.
16. Twin Tower
Twin Tower has two oblique cords. There are two towers, each with a cord leading the jumper. When the cords are stretched the jumper is released and shoots straight up.
17. Trampoline
Bungy Trampoline uses, as its name suggests, elements from bungy and trampolining. The participant begins on a trampoline and is fitted into a body harness, which is attached via bungy cords to two high poles on either side of the trampoline. As they begin to jump, the bungy cords are tightened, allowing a higher jump than could normally be made from a trampoline alone.
18. Running
Bungee Running involves no jumping as such. It merely consists of, as the name suggests, running along a track often inflatable with a bungee cord attached. One often has a velcro backed marker that marks how far the runner got before the bungee cord pulled back. This activity can often be found at fairs and carnivals and is often most popular with children.
19. Ramp
Bungee jumping off a ramp. Two rubber cords the bungees are tied around the participants waist to a harness. Those bungee cords are linked to steel cables along which they can slide due to stainless pulleys. The participants bicycle, sled or ski before jumping.
20. Inspection and permit fees
The division shall determine a schedule of inspection and permit fees, which fees shall not exceed one hundred dollars per commercial bungee jumping site per year. All fees received shall be deposited in the general revenue fund. No fees may be charged to public agencies.

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