rules to play bull fighting

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Rules to play Bull Fighting


Bullfighting can be traced back to Crete 4,000 years ago where frescos have been found of men and women challenging the beasts. It also found a place in the Roman amphitheatres entertaining the crowds along with the bloodshed of gladiators. But it was Franceso Romero from the town of Ronda in Spain, who, in 1726, lay down the rules of the procedure including the use of estoques sword and muleta small capes. Later, Pedro Romero, the greatest matador of the time was appointed head of the Escuela de Tauromaquia de Sevilla, the first ever bullfighting college. It remains almost unchanged. The matadors still don their traje de luces suit of lights, while a supersticious lot still consider wearing yellow in the bull ring to be unlucky. Only in recent years have women played a part in the bullfight.

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