rules to play broomball

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Rules to play Broomball

11. Pads
Shin, knee and elbow pads are recommended, but not at all required. Falling and sliding on the ice can be murder on a broomballers legs. Some players choose to wear hockey pads, but keep in mind, these can make you slide forever on an ice rink. Broomball manufacturers, such as D Gel, have produced broomball pads that create a little more friction, so a player does not slide as far. Pads can range $25 $40, depending upon the style.
12. Gloves
Gloves can protect a player from those nasty knicks and slashes from an opponent. It is recommended that even indoor players use gloves. Some beginners and former hockey players choose to wear hockey gloves. Upper level broomball players find gloves produced by broomball manufacturers to be lighter weight and better for stick handling. D Gel produces gloves ranging from $30 70.
13. Open broomball
Get your feet wet playing some open broomball sessions. Just be sure to pick a venue that has your safety in mind. Broomball shoes, while not a must have, are required for USA Broomball tournaments for a reason they are designed to run on ice. The same holds true for helmets be sure to wear one. Also keep in mind that safety in numbers may hold true in some situations, but not when youre playing open broomball. Too many people on the ice means too many brooms swinging at the same time. Keep in mind that USA Broomball rules are 6 on 6. Not because the forefathers loved hockey so much, but rather, its a safer way to play.The administrators of USA Broomball have heard it all or at least we think we have, so if you have any questions before you start, use the Contact Us form to get in touch with us.
14. Forming a Team
Forming a team is easy. Find 8 15 people who want to play broomball. No experience necessary. If you want to get on a team contact a league in your area to get on their draft list.
15. Where to Practice
Most of the best players today have the luxury of living in an area where there are plenty of parks with outdoor ice rinks or frozen ponds. Players can go and work on shooting and other skills on their own for free. Outdoor Broomball MinnesotaIf you are not fortunate enough to have outdoor ice, consider checking with your local arena to see if there are open broomball opportunities or any leagues you can join. If not, get a group of friends together or a corporate team building exercise, rent ice and just play for fun. Take the initiative and form an open broomball time or league at your local arena. Advertise it on our Find a League or Message Board.
16. Where to Compete
Use our Find a League section to locate a league in your area or contact your citys park and recreation director. Even if there isnt a league in your area, you can start your own pick up games at a local arena or outdoor park. Leagues around the country have been started this way.
17. Improving your game
Watch other players. The best place to watch upper level broomball is at the National Championships. Class A and B teams travel to play in this tournament and 90% of those teams hail from Minnesota. Teams such as Inferno and former powerhouses, USA Blue and Minnesota Red, have upset teams from Canada to win international tournaments. These teams, and their players, compete in indoor leagues six to nine months out of the year at Augsburg College and Schwan Super Rink.

If you cant make it to a National Championship, find the highest level of game played in your area. Keep in mind that this could be a college in your area. Dont be afraid to enter a tournament. These are listed on the Future Tournaments page and you will find tournaments held in Ohio, Washington, DC, New York, Nebraska and Nevada.

18. Time
A broomball game consists of two periods. Usually, the periods consist of two 18 minute, stop time periods, with a two minute break between periods.
19. Off side
Off side is called when a player from the team in possesion of the ball enters the offensive zone before the ball. The center red line is the in out line in Broomball, as the blue line is used in hockey.
20. Players
A team must have at least six players: goalie, right and left defense, center, and right and left wing. A maximum of twenty players, including goalies, may dress and play in a game. When making substitutions, the player coming off the ice must be within arms reach before the substitute enters the ice.

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