rules to play biathlon

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Biathlon variants

Rules to play Biathlon

Biathlon variants

Two common variations on traditional winter biathlon are summer biathlon, where skiing is replaced by a cross country run, and archery biathlon (ski archery), where the rifle is replaced by a recurve bow.There have also been summer competitions in roller ski biathlon, mountain bike biathlon, orienteering biathlon, and run archery. Primitive Biathlon uses snowshoes and muzzleloaders.The Boy Scouts of America offers a Bikeathlon variant at their national Scout jamboree that mixes BMX biking with air rifle shooting at biathlon type targets.Cadets Canada also offers biathlon to cadets across Canada, with three stages: zones, provincial, and national. Zone competitions are occasionally, due to lack of snow in some southern areas, held as summer biathlon. A .22LR caliber rifle is used at all levels. Races are shorter than world class events.The World Police and Fire Games offer a summer variant which combines cross country running with service pistol shooting.The Russian Military runs tank biathlon competitions.

Skis and wax
Mass start
Train in shooting on prone position and standing at a rifle range
Special Requirements for Biathlon
Biathlon variants
Biathlon Competition
Mixed relay
Shooting details
In some countries
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