rules to play beach volleyball

Players equipment

Rules to play Beach Volleyball

Players equipment


A players equipment consists of a playing top that meets the specified uniform regulations.Players of the same team are permitted to wear shorts that are of different styles and colours.Players may play wearing jumpers and track pants provided their team uniform is displayed to the Referee prior to the match.Players must play barefoot except when authorised by the Referee.


The Referee may authorise one or more players; (a) to play with socks and/or shoes, (b) to change wet uniforms between halves provided the new ones also follow uniform regulations.


It is forbidden to wear any object that may cause an injury to a player, such as jewellery, pins, bracelets, casts etc.Players may wear glasses at their own risk.

Time outs
Attack hit
Ball at the net
States of play
Scoring system
Match preparation
Duration of match
Net and posts
Delays to the game
Rights and responsibilities of the players
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Rules to play Beach Volleyball
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