rules to play aquatics

Rules to play Aquatics

1. General rules
No playing/swimming on handicap ramp
Children five years and older must use the locker room appropriate for their gender. Family changing rooms are available.
Family changing rooms are for family members and caregivers only.
No cell phone usage allowed in locker rooms.
Do not distract the lifeguards.
No rough play in or around pool.
No running on deck or into the pool.
Appropriate swimsuit required.
Inflatable flotation devices are prohibited.
The City of Raleigh does not allow individuals or groups to conduct private instruction at any city owned swimming facilities. Raleigh Aquatics does, however, offer private instruction.
Reasonable and safe accommodations will be made for any guest with special needs, please speak with the facility manager about making these accommodations.
Children age 12 and younger must be accompanied by a paying adult (16+ years old).
2. Water slide
All JEWELRY JEWELRY JEWELRY must be removed before using the water slide.
Riders must be at least 48 tall to use the water slide no exceptions.
Riders must wait for the attendants start signal before starting the ride.
At the end of the slide, obey all instructions given by the lifeguard and exit quickly.
No flotation devices allowed.
No footwear is permitted on the water slide.
Riders must walk up the slide stairs.
For safety reasons, the water slide may be closed at the discretion of the aquatic staff any time during hours of operation.
Parents/ Guardians of children under the age of 16 are strongly encouraged to observe the activity prior to deciding whether to allow their child to participate.
Cutting ahead of others in line and rowdy play are prohibited and may result in dismissal from the pool area.
3. Current channel rules
Swimmers must be at least 48 tall to use the current channel unaccompanied.
Non swimmers must be accompanied by an adult.
No standing or walking on the water current/vortex island.
Enter and exit only from designated areas. No jumping into the current channel from deck.
No jumping across the deck.
No standing or walking on current channel walls. No stopping, blocking, or moving against current.
No horseplay permitted.
4. Water vortex rules
An adult must accompany non swimming children.
Non swimmers must wear a lifejacket.
Swimmers must be at least 48 tall or accompanied by an adult.
Use caution when entering and exiting the water vortex.
5. Zero depth entry pool rules
Throwing toys or balls may be limited for safety.
Children must wear a swim diaper if not toilet trained.
No climbing or hanging on play features.
No climbing or hanging from ramp railings or walls
6. Bubble bench
No jumping on or over the bench.
No horseplay allowed on the bench.
Do not leave children unattended on the bench.
7. Water basketball
Hanging or grabbing on rim is prohibited.
No jumping from side and shooting
Swimmers may only play within area around basketball goals
Only use facility basketball (any other basketballs must be approved by staff).
No hanging on net
During crowded times, water basketball may be restricted.
No excessively physical or rough play water basketball is a no contact activity.
Be aware of other swimmers around you and only aim shots at hoop.
8. Water volleyball
Water volleyball is restricted to certain times designated by aquatics staff.
Staff may suspend play or disqualify players for unsafe play.
Hanging or grabbing volleyball net is prohibited.
Net poles and net may only be adjusted by facility staff.
Play is restricted to volleyball pool area.
9. Lap lanes
Lap lanes are only to be used for continuous swimming or water exercise.
Kickboards are for lap swimming and instructional use only.
Diving is not permitted anywhere in pool.
Swimmers should circle swim if there are more than two lap swimmers sharing a lap lane.
Lanes may be closed at anytime for programming or other activities
10. Admission rules
1. By purchasing a swim pass or paying the daily fee, you are agreeing to follow all the rules which have been established for the safety and enjoyment of all patrons.
2. Please have lots of fun, but do not negatively impact the fun of others.
3. Children 7 or younger must be under the watchful eye of an adult 16 or older.
4. Children under 5 MUST remain within arms length of the parents or guardian.
5. To use the waterslides or inner tubes, swimsuits must be free of all exposed metal, such as rivets, buckles, snaps,zippers, and pockets must be empty.
6. To use the following areas: Lazy River 42 tall Waterslides in Adventure Falls 46 tall Diving Well at Rock Falls Must have passed the swim test for the managers. Patrons who are pregnant or have back/heart conditions should not use waterslides.
7. Appropriate swimsuit required, even if you do not plan on swimming.
8. If you choose to leave for any reason, you will be allowed to repay or rescan your swim pass to enter a second time.
9. Everyone entering the facility must pay the daily rate or have a season pass even if they do not plan to swim.
10. No carry in food, coolers, or drinks allowed in the facility except for personal water bottles with water.
11. This is a tobacco free environment with no smoking or chewing tobacco allowed.
12. Use of facility while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
13. The Falls will provide all inner tubes.
14. Children may have palm sized toy in zero depth pool only.
15. Only Coast Guard approved lifejackets are allowed in the facility.
16. No PFD such as inner tubes or water wings allowed in facility.
17. No glass containers or any other type of glass allowed inside the facility.
18. If there are any questions or comments, come to the managers office.
19. Avoid prolonged breath holding, this can lead to shallow water blackout and drowning.

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