rules to play down hill skiing

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Technical disciplines

Rules to Play Down Hill Skiing

Technical disciplines

The slalom and giant slalom are held as one day, two run events. Usually, the first run is held in the morning, the second run in the afternoon. In each event, a one hour visual inspection of each course is allowed prior to each competition run. Skiers must memorize the course quickly, trust their instincts to find the fastest line and stay true to their technique to produce an error free run.The first run start order for the both events is determined by a draw the night before the race. Using rankings from the latest WCSL points list, the top seven skiers are randomly assigned start positions 1 7. Skiers ranked 8 15 on the WCSL list are randomly assigned the next eight bibs. The remaining skiers are slotted in the order of his/her FIS points.

All skiers who finish the first run are permitted to ski the second, regardless of their rank. In the second run, the skiers with the fastest 30 times in Run 1 start first, in reverse order, i.e. 30 1. They are followed by the rest of the field, i.e. ranked 31 and up.During the second run, the combined time is shown on the screen. The skier with the fastest sum time for both runs is the Olympic champion. Ties are possible.High speed crashes are extremely rare in the technical events, but falls and errors along the course mean that

Competition change
Giant slalom
Super combined
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