rules to play down hill skiing

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Super combined

Rules to Play Down Hill Skiing

Super combined

The combined event tests a skiers ability to handle both the speed and technical aspects of Alpine skiing.For the first time since the Alpine combined was re introduced to the Olympic program in 1988, the event will consist of one downhill run followed by one slalom run in a format called the super combined. (From 1988 2006, the classical combined consisted of one downhill and two slalom runs.) The order of disciplines may be altered in the event of inclement weather and resultant scheduling conflicts.The courses are shorter than those used in the downhill and slalom specialty events. All skiers who finish the first run are permitted to ski the second, regardless of their rank. The order of skiers in the first run is decided by a bib drawing. In the second run, the skiers with the fastest 30 times from the downhill start, in reverse order, i.e. 30 1. They are followed by the rest of the field, i.e. 31 and up.During the second run, the combined time is shown on the screen. The skier with the fastest combined time for both disciplines is the Olympic champion. History shows that the combined winner was not necessarily the fastest skier in either of the two disciplines.

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