road safety

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Road Safety

21. Car Drivers Don t overload the vehicle
Don't overload the vehicle - luggage or riders, and irrespective of passengers, be considerate for people walking on pedestrians. Always stay alert.
22. Car Drivers Wear seat belts
Always wear seat belts and make sure children are seated in the backseat while you drive. If possible, instal your cars with airbags as to avoid any injuries incase of an accident.
23. Car Drivers Night vision
Use dipper at night and avoid using visor and lenses as they restrict your vision in night conditions.
24. Car Drivers Don t use the phone
Avoid using cell phones while driving a car, if it is a must, stop the car by the road and take the call; obey all the traffic rules.
25. Heavy Vehicle Drivers Carry important documents
It is a must for all motor vehicles like motorcycle, cars and heavy vehicles too, to carry with all times their documentation, registration papers of the vehicle.
26. Heavy Vehicle Drivers Maintain a speed limit
Heavy vehicle drivers must ensure to maintain a speed limit of 35-40 kmph, this is achieved by a speed governor installed in the vehicles; they should also not overtake other vehicles by overspeeding.
27. Heavy Vehicle Drivers Do not tow more than permissible limit
Heavy vehicles should not carry load/passengers more than permissible limit. Each vehicle comes with a load limit prescribed by the manufacturer, crossing the limit may turn out to be fatal.
28. Heavy Vehicle Drivers Follow Road Rules
For buses, they should only stop in the Bus box area desgined at each bus stand. Also a dedicated bus lane is made so that buses be driven in them. Under no circumstance, two buses should be driven parallel to each other.
29. Heavy Vehicle Drivers Be cautious
Since many heavy vehicles travel during the night time, it is mandatory they follow all traffic rules and at the same time be alert and vigilant about the passengers/load.
30. Heavy Vehicle Drivers Keep track of your vehicle maintenance
It is mandatory that your vehicle be it car motorcycle, or heavy vehicle be regularly checked for maintenance. The vehicle should be always kept in good condition if we require the vehicle to perform well. This avoids the possibility of break failure, engine-clutch-gear failure thus leading to fatalities/accidents.

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