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Motorcyclists Avoid quick maneuvering

Road Safety Tips

Take these precautions to protect yourself when you're walking and running outside.
Motorcyclists Avoid quick maneuvering

Avoid quick turns and maneuvering while driving a motorcycle. Since these are easy to maneuver around spaces between vehicles or other objects, but it may cause accidents, never try to weave a way.

Car Drivers Don t use the phone
Motorcyclists Never drink and drive
Cyclists Use the cycle lane
Heavy Vehicle Drivers Be cautious
Motorcyclists Avoid quick maneuvering
Car Drivers Never drink and drive
Cyclists Wear protective gear
Car Drivers Don t overload the vehicle
Car Drivers Carry important documents
Cyclists Be cautious
Heavy Vehicle Drivers Do not tow more than permissible limit
Heavy Vehicle Drivers Keep track of your vehicle maintenance
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