ridiculously cool concept yachts

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Ridiculously Cool Concept Yachts

Even if you're not a yacht enthusiast you are sure to enjoy these ridiculously cool concept yachts.
21. Trilobis
Named and designed to resemble a trilobite, the extinct marine animal, this partially submerged house yacht has an underwater viewing deck that sits 3 meters beneath the waves.
22. Ekrano
Although its not the first flying yacht youve seen on this list, Jaron Dicksons Ekrano is the only one that looks like a futuristic fighter jet and its hard to be cooler than that.
23. Atreides
Why put a pool on the deck when you are literally surrounded by miles of water? Thats exactly what Serbian designer Vuk Dragovic asked himself when he created the Atreides with its retractable, sea level swimming pool.
24. Utopia
Something of a floating, self contained, post apocalyptic city, this is Yacht Island Designs latest innovation on behalf on those obscenely rich folks who would rather just get away from it all including terra firma.
25. Streets of Monaco
Its an entire city on a boat. Well, actually its an entire country on a boat. Complete with cars, overpasses, and an airport, Nigel Gees The Streets of Monaco Yacht is modeled to resemble a piece of the small Mediterranean nation.

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