reality tv shows that are far from reality

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Joe Millionaire

Reality TV Shows That Are Far From Reality

Reality TV Shows That Are Far From Reality. The Amazing Race, Jersey Shore.
Joe Millionaire

Said to be wildly successful and most watched reality television series after its first season finale, Joe Millionaire as broadcasted in Fox became a cultural phenomenon in 2003 after its premiere. The show s trick is characterized by a man presented to have won millions of dollars and is finding a woman to marry him. He dates a group of women and eliminates one for each episode, until only one of them remains. The secret about the real identity of the man, Evan Mariott (Season 1), who is actually a construction worker, is revealed to the woman at the end of the show and if the woman decides to stay with Mariott they both win a check worth a million dollar. However, this just does not happen in real life.

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