rare flowers that are stunning to look at

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Rare Flowers That Are Stunning To Look At

When spring is in full swing, there is no denying how beautiful the world looks.
11. Ladys Slipper Orchid
Lady s slipper orchids are characterized by the slipper shaped pouches of their flowers that trap insects so they are forced to climb up past the staminode, behind which they collect or deposit pollinia, thus fertilizing the flower. It s considered Britain s rarest orchid and one of the region s most expensive flowers today.
12. Kokia Cookei
Kokia cookei is considered one of the rarest and most endangered plant species in the world. It was discovered in the 1860s on the western end of Molokai by Mr. Meyer. In 1970, a single plant of the species was discovered at his Molokai residence, probably a surviving relict of the previous cultivated plant. But in 1978, a fire destroyed the last remaining rooted plant of Kokia cookei. Fortunately, before it was destroyed, a branch was removed and later grafted onto a related species at the Waimea Arboretum. Currently, Kokia cookei exists as approximately twenty three grafted plants.
13. Kadupul Flower
Another beautiful and rare flower Kadupul flowers come from Sri Lanka. It is white yellow colored and grows to about ten (four inches) to about thirty (twelve inches) centimeters in diameter and a emanates pleasant fragrance. The Kadupul flower plant is a species of cactus and its scientific name is Epiphyllum oxypetalum.
14. Jade Vine
The jade vine was first seen by Westerners in 1854 by botanists who were members of the US Wilkes Exploring Expedition. They were exploring the dipterocarp forest of Mount Makiling on Luzon, the largest and most northern island of the Philippines, when they encountered the vine. It s considered to this day one of the rarest flowers on the planet.
15. Hydrangea
Hydrangeas, which come in types that can flourish in sun or shade, offer huge bouquets of clustered flowers, in various arrangements from mophead to lacecap from summer through fall. Varieties of hydrangea differ in plant size and flower shape, color, and blooming period. The only problem is that they are a little too expensive for someone who has many bills to pay.
16. Golden Parrots Beak
The Lotus Vine, or Golden Parrot s Beak, is a deciduous, tender perennial from the Canary Islands that is most often grown as an annual plant. It s famous for producing lots of bright, 1? golden yellow flowers tipped with red or orange from late spring through early summer and occasionally again in early fall when the temperatures begin to cool.
17. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid
Gold of Kinabalu Orchid, also known as Rothschild s Slipper (P. rothschildianum), is an endangered species of orchid that can take up to fifteen years to flower. This rare orchid can be identified by its petals, which it holds horizontally in up to six large flowers. It is considered to be the most expensive orchid in the world.
18. Gibraltar Campion
This magnificent flower is considered one of the rarest and is found on the high cliffs of Gibraltar. The plant was believed to be extinct outside Gibraltar since the late 1970s and by 1992 all traces had vanished and it was officially declared extinct. However, in 1994 a hiker on the cliffs of Gibraltar found a single specimen and its egg was transferred and propagated in the Millennium seed bank and now this plant grows in the Alameda Gibraltar Botanic Gardens and the Royal Botanic Gardens in London.
19. Ghost Orchid
The ghost orchid is perhaps the most revered orchid in the United States, if not the world. Its locations and stories are like smoke on the wind. The ghost orchid was discovered by Jean Jules Linden in Cuba in 1844, and the plant was discovered in the subtropical peninsula of Florida about fifty years later.
20. Flame lily
Flame lily, also known as Gloriosa superba, is a climber with spectacular red and yellow flowers, but all parts of the plant, especially the tubers, are extremely poisonous and can be fatal if eaten.

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