Ranking All NFL Teams From Least To Most Valuable
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers
One could say that the biggest investments made by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in recent memory have been on young offensive talent who will hopefully carry the club to greatness and soon. Wide receiver Mike Evans, a college teammate of the previously mentioned Johnny Manziel, had a stellar rookie season in 2014. The Buccaneers handed the keys of the offense over to rookie quarterback Jameis Winston, a Heisman Trophy winner and first overall selection in the 2015 NFL Draft, during the summer of this year. Winston has the physical tools to be a winning pro quarterback, but he now has to show that he can learn and understand the NFL game.Current Value: $1.51 Billion

Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans
Pittsburgh Steelers
Kansas City Chiefs
San Diego Chargers
Tennessee Titans
New Orleans Saints
Arizona Cardinals

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