Rama fights Ravana


Rama fights Ravana
Rama and Lakshmana now prepare to attack Ravana as Hanuman confirms the presence of Sita there. A major fight breaks between the Monkey army of Rama and the demon army of Ravana. Many of Ravana's brothers get killed but Lakshmana also gets hurt. Hanuman flies to get the 'Sanjeevni' medicine and when he fails to find it, carries the entire mountain on which it grew. Lakshmana gets well and along with Rama fights back.

Rama leaves Ayodhya
Rama meets Sugreeva and Hanuman
Surpanakha s episode
Jatayu s sacrifice
Training in archery
Rama s army reaches Lanka
Rama Sita and Lakshmana return to Ayodhya
Rama meets his sons Lov and Kusha
Rama s birth
Bharata s love for Ram
Sita Swayamvara
Rama leaves Sita
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