rainy day ideas

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Rainy Day Ideas

On rainy days it feels so much harder to entertain the children and stop them from getting bored and
71. Grilled Cheese And Soup Bar
Mmm. Nothing warms you up more than grilled cheese and soup! Make all your familys favorite soups for a special night.
72. Family Pizza Night
Pizza is another dish that makes everyone happy. Let your family make their own mini pizzas.
73. Popcorn Bar
Oh boy! If you love popcorn, you will love creating your own little popcorn bowls with plenty of fun toppings.
74. Taco Bar
I love tacos. They are a super easy dinner that you can throw together and the whole family will enjoy sitting together and enjoying their individual tacos.
75. Ice Cream Party
Make homemade ice cream and top it with all the family favorites! This is a simple 3 ingredient recipe that tastes Ah Mazing.
76. Waffle Bar
Who loves breakfast for dinner?? Its always a treat around here and there are some great ways to make your waffle bar special!
77. Fun Blue Family Dinner
This is such a fun idea to make dinner special and different. Blue is the perfect color for those rainy days! But you could do any color and have a fun family dinner.
78. Family Conversation Starters
Start a new family dinner tradition and get the whole family talking.
79. Indoor Picnic
Make a special dinner by having an indoor picnic. This post is full of some great picnic ideas.
80. Chocolate Chip Cookie Boats
Cookies make everyone happy! But how about these cookie boats??? Filled with Ice Cream and chocolate y goodness.

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