rainy day ideas

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Rainy Day Ideas

On rainy days it feels so much harder to entertain the children and stop them from getting bored and
41. Dancing Ooblek
Some more science and art that will totally fascinate your kiddos! Im definitely feeling pretty curious about this one.
42. DIY Bath Paints
Bath time is a great way to entertain the kids. Have you ever tried using bath paints in the bath?? Double the entertainment factor with these DIY Bath Paints.
43. Art Using Rain
I love this idea to actually use the rain to create a unique piece of art! You should definitely check out this easy craft.
44. Spring Mural
Use simple stickies to create a mural on the wall. This could have endless possibilities.
45. Milk Paint
See what happens when you combine just a few key ingredients in this milk paint project.
46. Dance in the Rain
Embrace the rain. head out for a little dancing in the rain.
47. Sidewalk Chalk Puddles
This is a great idea for after the rain has come and gone. Go make some colorful sidewalk chalk puddles to splash around in.
48. Homemade Rain Gauge
See how much it rains over a period of time with your own homemade rain gauge.
49. Wash Away Paint
This activity is definitely for those that are a bit adventurous. Paint on your body and then let the rain wash it away.
50. Magic Puddles
Add some unique items to the puddles to make magic sensory puddles to play in.

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