quick content marketing tips

Quick Content Marketing Tips

Quick Content Marketing Tips That Will Increase Your Traffic .
1. Use the words you and I
using the words you and I within your content will create a feeling of a conversation between you and your readers, which will keep them engaged longer.
2. Keep it simple
dont try to use fancy words within your posts. If a fifth grader can understand your vocabulary, youre doing well. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of readers.
3. Get to the point
no one likes reading fluff. The quicker you get to the point, the better.
4. Use sub headings
using headings within your post will make content more skimmable.
5. Make your headline eye catching
from creating a sense of urgency to creating curiosity or making a promise, make sure your headline is attractive enough so people will want to read the rest of your content.
6. Limit your paragraphs
ideally, your paragraphs shouldnt be longer than 5 to 7 lines. This will make your content easy to read.
7. A picture says a thousand words
all text with no images makes content boring.
8. Make your images relevant
dont use pictures for the sake of using them. Make sure they are relevant to your content.
9. Create an expectation within your intro
once people read the intro, they should know what to expect from the rest of your post.
10. Let your personality shine
from vulnerability to humor, show off your personality. Let your readers get to know you.

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