problems only 00s girls will understand

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Clippy Problems

Problems Only 00s Girls Will Understand

Problems Only '00s Girls Will Understand. Why did Claires earrings always turn your ears green.
Clippy Problems

You are having a bad hair day, just like the girl in the short clip here. That is why like this girl, when you mother suggested it, you put in plenty of hairclips into your hair so that all those unruly wisps would be kept in place. You think your hair clips have solved the problem, but that is only until you lean back on furry sofa in your friends house. Suddenly you find coming away from the sofa very difficult. That is because, you clips are all stuck in its fuzziness Oh dear Now you hair will not only go back to its bad hair day style, but it will also get damaged to a great extent. Way to go mom, couldnt you give a better suggestion?

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Clippy Problems
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