pregnancy health care

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Manage your diet

Pregnancy Health Care

Manage your diet

a) Eating nutrition - rich food is vital in the development of your baby. A balanced diet will keep your pregnancy free of risks and complications.
b) Consumption of protein, calcium, folic acid, iron and vitamins like A, C, E and B in right amounts is mandatory.
c) Eating fruits like apples, pomegranates and seasonal fruits give adequate minerals and vitamins to your body.
d) Fluid intake has to be optimum to prevent dehydration, indigestion or other associated risks.
e) Avoid excess salt, sugar, processed foods and caffeine. Have fresh fruits, salads and green tea instead which is full of anti oxidants.
f) Eat fibre rich food to avoid constipation like freshly made salads and boiled sprouts.
g) Avoid eating from unhygienic places.

Make a birth plan ready
Adequate Physical Exercise
Be careful while taking any medication
Stay away from strong smells
Reduce Stress
Prepare the nursery or a child s corner in your home
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Have an alcohol free pregnancy
Take your parents advice
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