precautions while using washing machine

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Washer hoses

Precautions while using Washing Machine

These tips should help you and your family to stay safe when using a washing machine.
Washer hoses

If your washer is a few years old, your water supply hoses are probably made of rubber which can easily crack and fray. If you see any signs of wear on rubber hoses or if they are more than five years old, they should be replaced with braided steel lines. They come in varied lengths, are not very expensive and install like a garden hose. It will only take one burst rubber hose to make you diligent about water hose quality.

Water Saving course
Connecting water supply hose
Level the washing machine
Spin cycle
Measure your detergent
Wash pesticide soiled clothing
Magic filter
Dry Your Clothes and Remove Them
Caring before loading
What is washing machine
Call a professional to fix any serious problems
Select suitable water level
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