precautions while using washing machine

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Green organic dry cleaning

Precautions while using Washing Machine

These tips should help you and your family to stay safe when using a washing machine.
Green organic dry cleaning

Most of the silk marketed by our company can be hand washed, and does not need dry cleaning Perchloroethylene commonly known in the trade as perc is the most commonly used solvent in the dry cleaning business. It is highly toxic and carcinogenic. Any garments dry cleaned from such chemicals should be left in an outdoor airy environment for some time so the fumes fully leave the garment Better yet, we recommend that our customers look into green dry cleaners or organic dry cleaning services that use safer and non toxic methods such as liquid CO2 or silicone based solvents

The load capacity should be as much as you need
Wash settings
Avoid overloading
Clean the lint filter
Working with washing machines
The drain pump filter
Precautions When Using Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets
Connecting water supply hose
Water and Electricity Safety
Slippery floors
What is washing machine
Temperature control
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