precautions while using skype

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Remember that the camera is the eye

Precautions while using Skype

before you start using it there are a few precautions you need to take in order to stay safe online.
Remember that the camera is the eye

This is the trickiest thing about Skype When you feel like youre making eye contact by looking at the other persons face, youre actually not looking directly into your computers camera, which serves as the eye. For a real eye contact effect, look into the camera, even if it feels weird. As with everything else here Practice til you nail it.

Remember that the camera is the eye
Situate yourself against a plain background
Spruce up your space
Mind the background
Pay attention to your physical background
Skype safety
Test your skype connection
Are my Skype communications private
If you find the image of yourself distracting
Adjust your privacy options
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