precautions while using skype

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Pay attention to the lighting

Precautions while using Skype

before you start using it there are a few precautions you need to take in order to stay safe online.
Pay attention to the lighting

Aim light at yourself from the front, not from behind you. A lamp with diffused lighting about six feet in front of you works well. You can also try covering your light source with a cloth to soften it. And make sure that youre not backlit from a window or light source behind you; if you are, you can end up appearing on the screen as just a dark silhouette.

Do not reveal your password or credit card number
Get dressed
Mind the background
Add only friends
Practice making eye contact with the camera
Plan for technological difficulties
If you find the image of yourself distracting
Look at the camera not the screen
Conduct a mock interview
Are my Skype communications private
Position yourself correctly
The charge is a recurring payment
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