precautions while using skype

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Look at the camera not the screen

Precautions while using Skype

before you start using it there are a few precautions you need to take in order to stay safe online.
Look at the camera not the screen

It can be confusing, but when youre looking at your monitor it actually makes the interviewer feel as if youre looking away. Instead, look directly at the video camera youre using for your interview. And although youre not making eye contact in the traditional sense, this is the way that the interviewer perceives that youre looking straight ahead.

Conduct a mock interview
Your first time doing a video interview
Are my Skype communications private
Check in regularly
Pay attention to your physical background
Skype security
Use the highest speed Internet connection you can
Position yourself correctly
Do not reveal your password or credit card number
Stay Private on Skype
Exercise caution with the random chat function
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