precautions while using skype

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Test your skype connection

Precautions while using Skype

before you start using it there are a few precautions you need to take in order to stay safe online.
Test your skype connection

Conduct a trial run with a friend well in advance of your interview to see if your Skype connection is running properly. If things arent up to par, at least youll have time to get things fixed before the actual interview. General problems include Skype settings, port forwarding, and webcam settings. Refer to your webcams or laptops if the webcam is built in owners manual for more information on handling such issues. You wouldnt want a small technical difficulty to cost you the position, so it pays to take these extra precautions.

Make sure its quiet
Add extra enthusiasm
If you find the image of yourself distracting
Test audio and video
Test your skype connection
Dress professionally
Skype security
Record your interview
Your first time doing a video interview
Protecting a Skype Account
Leave personal information off your profile
Skype safety
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