precautions while using securing email

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Switching to a more secure email account

Precautions while using Securing Email

Take precautions when using Gmail or any other email service.
Switching to a more secure email account

Few webmail providers offer SSL access to your email. Yahoo and Hotmail, for instance, provide a secure connection only while you log in, to protect your password, but your messages themselves are sent and received insecurely. In addition, Yahoo, Hotmail and some other free webmail providers insert the IP address of the computer you are using into all of the messages you send.

Wide open computers
Keeping your webmail private
Find the link on the homepage of your chosen provider that says Sign Up or Create New Account
Modification of messages
E mail is proactive
Limit usage of social networking sites
Make email address a mandatory
Visit the website of the email provider of your choice
Grow your database
Enter a subject in the subject bar
Switching to a more secure email account
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