precautions while using securing email

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Modification of messages

Precautions while using Securing Email

Take precautions when using Gmail or any other email service.
Modification of messages

Email contents can be modified during transport or storage. Here, the man-in-the-middle attack does not necessarily require the control of gateway since an attacker that resides on the same Local Area Network (LAN), can use an Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) spoofing tool such as ettercap to intercept or modify all the email packets going to and from the mail server or gateway.

Wide open computers
Train your Priority Inbox
Never use the same passwords
Visit the website of the email provider of your choice
Modification of messages
Replay of previous messages
Limit usage of social networking sites
Risks to user
Click your cursor in the Body field of the message
Type in the URL of your email provider and log in with your username and password
The Gmail interface
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