precautions while using securing email

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Precautions while using Securing Email

Take precautions when using Gmail or any other email service.
31. The protection of email
The protection of email from unauthorized access and inspection is known as electronic privacy. In countries with a constitutional guarantee of the secrecy of correspondence, email is equated with letters and thus legally protected from all forms of eavesdropping.
32. The Gmail interface
The Gmail interface makes Gmail unique amongst webmail systems for several reasons. Most evident to users are its search-oriented features and means of managing e-mail in a conversation view that is similar to an Internet forum. An official redesign of the Gmail interface was rolled out on November 1, 2011 that simplified the look and feel of Gmail into a more minimalist design to provide a more consistent look throughout Google products and services as part of an overall design change.
33. Importance markers
Marking of emails as important is more or less automatic. Users can
34. Attachments
Individual Gmail messages including attachments may be up to 25 MB in size. However, users can send files of up to 15 GB in size through Google Drive. Effectively, the files are stored on Google Drive and only links to them are sent. This means that the recipients can access the file only if it is shared with them on Google Drive. Gmail notifies the user if the file being sent is not shared with the recipient and allows the user to modify the sharing settings before sending the file. The files can either be made accessible to anyone with the link, or shared privately with the email recipients. The latter does not work if the recipients do not have a Google account or if the email address receiving the message is not associated with Google.
35. Addresses
Gmail supports plus-addressing of e-mails. Users can send messages to addresses in the format, where extratext can be any string, and will arrive in the inbox of This allows users to sign up for different services with different aliases and then easily filter all e-mails from those services. In addition, if users receive spam messages directed to an e-mail address with the extra text, they will know what services have leaked out their e-mail address. However, some websites do not accept email addresses containing + , even though the mail-address specification permits use of them.[
36. Set up a Gmail account to easily access all Google platforms
Gmail is an extremely straightforward interface to operate and offers 15 GB of free storage to share between your Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ accounts. This means you almost never have to delete emails and can simply archive them in case you ever need to recover old messages. The best part about having a Google account is that it lets you access all of your Google platforms from any device, including Google Drive, which organizes text documents, photos, videos, and more, and allows you to share them with your contacts. Gmail allows you to organize your incoming mail into as many folders as you want for maximum organization. Gmail is very effective at blocking junk mail and also does not display banner ads that distract you as you construct emails. Gmail allows you to send 25 MB of attachments in each email.
37. Visit the website of the email provider of your choice
If you choose to use Gmail, simply visit The website for Yahoo! Mail is, and Outlook is simply A good password will contain a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters; numbers; and/or special characters such as %, $, and +. It is very important to keep your password private at all times. A password that contains a mixture of letters and numbers is a good way of securing your password.
38. Find the link on the homepage of your chosen provider that says Sign Up or Create New Account
Click on the link and follow the prompts on the following pages. You will be asked for basic personal information and to create an email address. If your computer is wireless or does not use any antivirus software and is used not just by you, your email address and password is completely at risk. Download free antivirus software by going to Using wireless isn t the safest form of using the Internet, as it can be hacked by people using network sniffers. If you have no other choice, make sure you have a WPA key on your wireless Internet connection.
39. Type in the URL of your email provider and log in with your username and password
If you forget either piece of login information, there will be a link underneath the login box that asks Forgot Your Username/Password? or something similar. Click the link and follow the steps to recover your lost information. You will most likely have to answer security questions to be able to reset your password.
40. Become familiar with your email interface
Spend some time clicking around your email interface and familiarizing yourself with the different features and functions available to you. You can change or add one by going into Connections -> Your Wireless Network -> Wireless Map -> Your Router -> Properties -> Device Webpage. Then click Wireless Security Settings and then WEP/WPA Key . It s best to have it set using a WPA key as it s the latest version of security.

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