precautions while using refrigerators


Precautions while using Refrigerators

A refrigerator or colloquially fridge is a common household appliance.

It is important that all four corners of the refrigerator base are supported firmly on the floor to eliminate any cabinet movement. Installing the appliance on a soft or uneven or unlevel floor may result in twisting of the cabinet and poor sealing of the doors. Before moving your refrigerator into its position, ensure that the adjustable front feet are fully retracted by turning them anticlockwise. Position your refrigerator. Turn the adjustable feet clockwise, to lower the adjustable front feet. Raise the front of the appliance until it is stable and the doors move towards the closed position, on their own, when open.The front levelling foot on the hinge side should take the majority of the weight of the cabinet and the cabinet should be stable, ie cabinet should not rock or wobble.

Use Voltage Stabilizer
Should you want to dispose off your refrigerator
Setting the Temperature
Clear of obstruction
Electrical installation
Refrigeration technology
Cleaning and user maintenance
Spring Cleaning
Use Your Refrigerator Properly
Keeping It Clean
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