precautions while using power supply


Precautions while using Power Supply

Precautions for Safe Use for that Product Do not touch the Product while power is being supplie.
The driver is designed for a DC power supply. To prevent fire, be sure to connect the driver using correct polarity.To prevent fire, use the driver within the rated input voltage range.To prevent fire, follow the wiring diagram when connecting the motor and driver. To prevent fire, do not forcefully bend, pull or pinch the cables.To prevent electric shock, when connecting the driver use a direct current power supply with reinforced insulation between the primary and secondary circuits.

Server warnings and cautions
AC vs DC
Operating environment
Startup and Maintenance Precautions
Checking the Safety Of the Power Supply
Always Turn the Power OFF
Precautions to be taken before powering the circuit
Checking the Suitability Of the Equipment
Notifications are Important
Warnings for AC Power Supply
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