precautions while using power supply

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Ac power supply

Precautions while using Power Supply

Precautions for Safe Use for that Product Do not touch the Product while power is being supplie.
Ac power supply

Use the following procedures for installing AC power supplies in the ServerIron device. To install an AC power supply, do the following
1. If necessary, remove the power supply locking screw located in the center rear of the device illustrated below .
2. If the empty power supply bay has a cover plate, press inward on the two latches near the left and right edges of the cover plate to unlock the plate illustrated below , then remove the plate. Remove the new power supply from its packaging.
3. With one hand, hold the bar on the front panel of the power supply. With the other hand, support the underside of the power supply, and insert the power supply into the empty power supply slot. Press until the supply is completely in the slot, so that the connectors on the back of the supply fully engage with the pins on the power backplane.
4. Press the two latches near the edges of the supply outward to lock the supply in place.
5. Replace the power supply locking screw.
6. Install the power cord.

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