precautions while using oxygen therapy

As a drug delivery route

Precautions while using Oxygen Therapy

safety tips for preventing accidents when using oxygen therapy.
As a drug delivery route
Oxygen and other compressed gasses are used in conjunction with a nebulizer for topical delivery of medications to the upper and lower airways. Nebulizers use compressed gas to propel liquid medication into an aerosol, with specific therapeutically sized droplets, for deposition in the appropriate, desired airway. Compressed gas, usually at flows of 8 10 L/min, is used to nebulize medications, saline and sterile water into a theraputeic aerosol for inhalation. In the clinical setting room air (ambient mix of several gasses), Oxygen and Heli Ox gas are commonly used to nebulize small, large and continuous volumes of liquid.

Supplemental oxygen
Do not use an extension cord
Position Patient
Check with your state or territory department
Patients can put a small piece of gauze
Avoid using electrical appliances
Oxygen supply company
Oxygen Use Precautions
Game controllers should not be used with oxygen;
Initial setup
Negative effects
Order a new supply of oxygen two to three days
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