precautions while using mobile phones

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Stay still when using a cell phone

Precautions while using Mobile Phones

A mobile phone is a phone that can make and receive telephone calls.
Stay still when using a cell phone

If you keep moving around with it, more radiation is emitted because the phone needs to keep track of you.This covers walking and being inside a vehicle; as you move, the phone continues to scan to keep up with the changes in position.

Cell Phones
Use a wireless headset instead
Make as many phone calls as possible using landlines
limiting their usage toemergencycircumstances
Use the phone only in conditions of optimum reception
Reduce exposure
For longer conversations
Avoid using a cell phone when sick or pregnant
Dont carry a cell phone close to the body
Never hold the phone directly against your head or body
Biological effects
Cell Phones Lower Sperm Count
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