precautions while using electrical equipment

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Checking the Safety Of the Power Supply

Precautions while using Electrical Equipment

Safety Rules for Working with Electrical Equipment .
Checking the Safety Of the Power Supply

Checking that the electrical equipment is safe is not enough. You must also check that the power supply is safe as well. The help of a professional is needed here. The professional must test the power supply on a regular basis to confirm that it is safe enough to be used for electrical equipment. You must never connect electrical equipment to the power supply if it is damaged. Wait until it has been properly repaired by professional people. Testing can also be done on the sockets of the electric power, but be careful that you use the most appropriate tester.

Use the right equipment
Checking the Condition of the Equipment
Fitting insulation under a suspended floor
Circuit Protection Devices
Checking the Power of the Equipment
What are the risks from electricity
Never bring liquids in close proximity of wires
Check that the electrical equipment is in good condition
protective clothes and shoes
Checking the Safety Of the Power Supply
Turn off switches before working on electrical gadgets
Legal duties and obligations around electricity
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