precautions while using electrical equipment

Do not put excessive load on any particular circuit

Precautions while using Electrical Equipment

Safety Rules for Working with Electrical Equipment .
Do not put excessive load on any particular circuit
Using a multi plug to operate several electronic appliances from a single point is, seemingly, a convenient proposition. However, such arrangements are fraught with risks too. If a circuit gets overloaded, both your personal health, as well as your valuable appliances, might get adversely affected. Check the electric ratings of each of the gadgets that you plan to use, before deciding whether it would be advisable to operate them from the same board.

Get rid of dampness
What are the risks from electricity
One hand face and body to side
Cover exposed live metal
Making Use Of a Residual Current Device
Checking the Safety Of the Power Supply
Check that the electrical equipment is in good condition
Cover grounded metalwork
Use other forms of power
Never bring liquids in close proximity of wires
Circuit Protection Devices
Checking the Power of the Equipment
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